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Greener Food

Kangen Water® in the Kitchen

Water is the single, most important ingredient in your kitchen.

Consider what type of water you are using when working in your kitchen. Most likely, you’re using tap water to; boil water for pasta and tea, clean your produce, add to soups and sauces and make your morning coffee. Tap water is full of contaminants. Simply replacing tap water with the appropriate Kangen Water ® can make a world of difference in flavor and quality.

Clean Produce


Even if you are an avid Kangen Gardener, chances are you will still need to buy some of your groceries and produce elsewhere.

Cleaning Produce with Kangen Water®


3 simple steps you can take to make sure your food is healthy and chemical-free.

Better Drinks


Enjoy a healthy, delicious beverage without hurting the environment! Say NO to plastic bottles and wasteful packaging and get creative with Kangen Water.

Chicken with Artichokes in Creamy Mustard Sauce


This one-pan chicken dish is full of flavor and totally delicious. It’s incredible with a baguette or some flatbread to sop up the sauce.

Green Smoothie


Sometimes it’s hard to meet your daily vegetable quota, so this smoothie has you covered. It’s healthy, tasty and can be easily modified. Using Kangen Water® makes this smoothie even better!

Sayra’s Cornbread


This is the best cornbread recipe out there! Not all cornbread is created equal and this one goes above and beyond. Goes especially well with the Turkey Chili.

Chicken and Barley Soup


This is another one-pot meal that comes together in virtually no time at all. On a really hectic night, substitute a store-bought rotisserie chicken. Make it super healthy with Kangen Water®!

Boiled Kale with a Fried Egg and Toast


This sounds boring and is the complete opposite. It’s fast and delicious and gets everyone to eat their greens.

Salmon Baked in Parchment


This recipe produces the most tender, flavorful salmon ever. It’s totally worth the prep time and will completely wow everyone at your dinner table.

Honey Sesame Seared Tuna with Wasabi Cucumber Salad


You’ll never make tuna any other way! This can be grilled outside or sautéed in a pan. Delicious with the Coconut- Scallion Rice on the side.

Coconut-Scallion Rice


This rice recipe will be on heavy rotation in your kitchen. It pairs well with so many recipes, including the Honey Sesame Seared Tuna. Don't forget to use Kangen Water®!

Easy Homemade Hummus


This is the creamiest hummus ever! It’s quick and tasty and full of flavor and made even better with the addition of Kangen Water®! Try it topped with smoked paprika for an extra kick.

Pasta e Fagioli


This soup is hearty and delicious and loaded with vegetables. It’s also a recipe that can be altered depending on what veggies are in season. Plus, the Kangen Water® really makes the flavors sing.

Avocado-Lime Dip


Once you make this you will never want plain guacamole again. This will be requested over and over at parties and get togethers. It’s easy to make and unbelievably addicting. It keeps well for a few days, although you won’t have any left over.

Turkey Chili


This healthy, easy, and crowd-pleasing recipe will be your new go-to on a busy night. Be sure to make a double batch to freeze for those nights when dinner seems overwhelming.

Creamy Kangen Rice with Lemon and Herbs


To create a complete meal with this delicious spring Kangen Rice dish, pair it with your favorite protein and veggie.

Summertime Tropical Fruit Breakfast Smoothie


This tasty smoothie is low in fat and sodium, and high in calcium, fiber, potassium, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin B12. Perfect for breakfast on a hot summer day, it's not only nutritious, but hearty enough to easily keep you satisfied until lunch!

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